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Book/Resource Lists

August 10, 2015

Want to see the resources available in your area of study?  Use our Book/Resource lists to quickly guide you to the resources available in your subject.

Subjects include:
Autonomous Practice in Emergency Care Course (APEC)
Books to Inspire
Burns Course
Business and Finance
Clinical DVDs
Health and Wellbeing Books & DVDs
Human Resources
Leadership and Management
Medical Students

Speak with a member of staff for more information.

Management Information

January 20, 2014

Are you a manager looking for the latest healthcare information to help you with decision making? The Academy Library has brought together a wide range of resources dealing with healthcare and general management which may help. To view the full list of resources, click here.

There are also many ways you can keep up to date with developments in healthcare such as email alerts, e-newsletters, RSS and bulletins.  To view the range of current awareness services available and to subscribe, click here.


November 4, 2013

Anatomy TV is an Interactive online anatomy resource and is now available to you via your Athens login. The two areas available are:

1. Human Anatomy Regional Series
Featuring the following 9 regional titles with interactive anatomy and MRI section as well as clinical slides, text and videos:
* Head & Neck
* Spine
* Shoulder
* Hand
* Thorax & Abdomen
* Pelvis
* Hip
* Knee
* Foot & Ankle

2. Interactive Functional Anatomy
* Covers the whole body with over 80 muscle function animations.

To access this resource go to:
The Athens login prompt appears in the centre and on the right side of the screen.
For a guide on how to use, click here.

To access this resource go to:
The Athens login prompt appears in the centre and on the right side of the screen.
For a guide on how to use, click here.

Medical Masterclass online

November 4, 2013

Medical Masterclass is distance learning resource developed by Royal College of Physicians of London and aims to help candidates prepare for the MRCP(UK) exam (all parts). It is also an invaluable tool for continuing professional development.

Key features of Medical Masterclass:

  • Take mock MRCP(UK) part 1 and part 2 written exams online
  • A question bank consisting of approximately 3,000 MRCP(UK) part 1 and part 2 written exam type questions
  • A series of 30 question, 60 minute timed exams

See how your score compares to other users and how you perform in each of the different specialties that comprise the MRCP(UK) exams. Screencasts describing the format and stations of the PACES exam, giving examples of common scenarios and cases faced by candidates and most importantly explaining what PACES examiners are really looking for. Print editions of all 12 Medical Masterclass modules are also available from the Library.

If you would like access to the online Medical Masterclass, please contact the UHSM Academy Library.

Access will be for a three week period but renewals may be possible depending on demand.

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