Top 10 Health & Wellbeing books


To celebrate National Libraries Day which is on the 4th Februay, we thought we’d share with you the top 10 Health & Wellbeing books borrowed since the collection began in October 2010.  Issue figures are in brackets. 

1. Getting things done: how to achieve stress free productivity.  David Allen (30)
2. Women who think too much.  How to break free of overthinking and reclaim your life.  Susan Nolen-Hoeksema (29)
3. Overcoming obsessive compulsive disorder.  David Veale, Rob Wilson. (21)
4. Sewing for dummies.  Janice Saunders Maresh. (19)
5. How to stop worrying.  Frank Tallis (17)
6. Jamie’s ministry of food.  Jamie Oliver (17)
7. Running made easy.  Susie Whalley, Lisa Jackson (17)
8. The most amazing places to visit in Britain.  Readers Digest (17)
9. Peak District: Northern and Western Moors.  Roly Smith (15)
10. Cool Camping England.  Jonathan Knight (15)

You can view a full list of titles available by clicking here  including our new Health & Wellbeing DVD collection.

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